Phoenix population: 2.1 million

The City of Phoenix projects to add about 100,000 new residents each and every year. If we don’t add 30 fire engines and 30 ambulances between today and 2030, projections show that nine out of 10 PFD units will be in crisis, running more than 3,000 calls per...

Phoenix population: 1.9 million

Phoenix continues to be among the fastest-growing cities in America – and no slowdown in growth is projected. By 2025, the City will have added an estimated half million residents compared to 2010. This new growth alone represents a city the size of Tucson.

1,680 Firefighters (projected)

While annuals call will have nearly doubled since 2010 and the City will have added 500,000 new residents, the PFD projects to have only 51 more firefighters than it did in 2010. This risks the safety of every resident in the City.